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Industrial Robot & Cobot
Robotic solutions from MODU System are designed to reduce labor-intensive production processes. MODU has developed the following robotic solutions: 
Material Feeding
Case Packing
Cobot Palletizing
Material feeding
The requirement to use a collaborative robot or SCARA robot for material feeding at any phase of the production process increases rapidly. 

Modern production facilities such as food and dairy, personal healthcare, EV battery lines and machined parts assembly lines and are beginning to see the value of introducing collaborative material feeding robots

This robotic solution can be applied in many sections of your production facilities as below :

• Pick and place of material into products. (eg. Pick and place of scoops into tin cans)

• Pick and place for industrial machines (CNC)

• Components assembly

These solutions are customized to meet individual production requirements.Contact us to discuss further your material feeding application.
Scoop pick and place in to tin cans
Components assembly using collaborative robot
Case Packing
MODU's case packer solution takes finished products from the middle of the production line and places them into a box. Keeping in mind the production space availability, MODU has design compact and efficient. 

These solutions are customized to meet individual production requirements.

Contact us to discuss further on your material feeding application.
Cobot Palletizing
MODU’s cobot palletizers are modular and cost-effective solutions to palletize a wide variety of products. Equipped with an intuitive operator interface, cobot palletizers are available in one- or two-pallet configurations, with various options for infeed conveyor, end of arm tooling and safety.
• Easy to use
• Fully customizable with MODU's ecosystem of modular hardware
• Designs are available for medium-sized or large robots (5kg, 10kg, 12kg & 14kg)
• Code-free cobot palletizing software
• MODU conveyors can be integrated to your cell
• Great value for money
Plug and Play Palletizing Solution
This collaborative robot palletizing system utilizes pallet patterns selected from an intuitive operator interface – no teach pendant experience required.  
These systems can be quickly assessed for your specific beginning or end-of-line processes to help you begin optimizing value flow and eliminating costly repetitive motion injuries as soon as possible. 
Palletization may be one of the last steps in the packaging sequence before your product gets loaded onto the truck and distributed to retailers or warehouses; however, it is also one of the most injury-prone tasks especially when done manually. As such, palletizing often ends up being the first part of a line that gets automated.

MODU System has an excellent experience of integrating robotic case palletizers throughout the world. With the ability to provide highly customized solutions, implement cutting-edge technologies, and take a consultative approach to working with you, MODU System is your partner for palletizing solutions.
Increase Efficiency With MODU Robotic Palletizer
With a good reliable robotic case palletizer, you can quickly increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process and reduce your operational costs.
Increase speed: Our standard robotic palletizers operate at speeds of up to 10 cases/min**
Prevent injuries: In addition to reducing the risk for possible injuries from repeated heavy lifting, MODU’s robotic palletizing cells are guarded with fencing and in some instances light curtains to prevent any human contact with a moving robot.
Lower expenses: MODU’s standard palletizers not only reduce manpower and all associated costs, but since their price-point is very aggressive, you quickly realize the return on your investment.
Save space: Our standard palletizer line offers a highly compact footprint, enabling increased productivity without sacrificing valuable workspace.
Applications for a Robotic Case Palletizer:
Robots can be used to palletize a multitude of different cases, consisting of different shapes, sizes, weights, and materials.
• Corrugated box palletizing
• Plastic carton palletizing
• Metal or aluminum carton palletizing
Industries for Robotic Case Palletizers:
• Food & Beverage
• Life Sciences
• Packaged Goods
• Electronics
• Specialty
• 1 in / 1 out
• 2 in / 2 out
• 3 in / 3 out
• 4 in / 4 out
• Custom Configurations
• Full Layer
• Depalletizing
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