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Autonomous Mobile Robot
Autonomous mobile robot help ensure that connected manufacturing plants and warehouses can speed up processes, assist personnel in increasing efficiencies, avoid downtime, and provide live updates on complete automated solutions from start to finish. Switching to an automated material handling system to move heavy loads helps businesses reduce workplace injury instances and remain compliant with the industry’s safety regulations.

MODU's material handling Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that can automatically navigate and transport materials from one location to another. It is suitable for (not limited to) manufacturing, textile, automotive, food & beverage, warehousing, hospital operation & many more.

Our AGV model lineup:
Our AGV is a modern AGV equipped with the latest technologies. Its modular design is flexible and easy to maintain. Powered by the NavWiz system, the usage and programming of our AGV has never been this easy. Some of our AGV features:
Other intelligent key application features :
You are worried free if you need a customizable AGV. We are capable of customizing your AGV to suit your applications and needs.
MODU material handling solution benefits the user by:
1. Completing tasks intelligently, in an orchestrated manner with minimal human input. Materials can be transported across the production floor autonomously, avoiding obstacles, coordinating with fleet mates, and identifying where pickups and drop-offs are needed in real-time. 
2. Speeding up material transportation process for higher efficiency in making work easier and quicker, ultimately increasing the work capacity of the unit. 
3. Increase accuracy of inventory management by proper tracking of materials and part to ensure no loss, damage or invisibility by workers.
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