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A Digital Twin, as you likely know, is a digital representation of a physical asset. Global Resources specifies that a worthwhile digital twin must be more than a solo 3D model or BIM, it should be a reflection of both the asset’s physical reality (its current 3D-captured conditions) and its “virtuality,” or engineering data.

When a digital twin reflects both flavors of reality in perfect alignment, the company says, it enables users to visualize the historical and real-time conditions of a physical asset, apply analytics to gain insights into the asset’s operation, and even apply AI and machine learning algorithms to predict future states. All of this information can enable more efficient operation for the duration of the asset lifecycle.

Our team of engineers and consultants provide Professional Services with the right Digital Twin Platform to cater to your Digitalization Embarkment Requirements. Our team offers prototype or Proof-Of-Concept ideas to enable your organization ensure a right and strategic roadmap to achieve a full benefits of having a Digital Twin Platform.
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