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Sushi Conveyor

The moving presentation of your snacks on the sushi conveyor will certainly be appreciated by your clients. This trendy design and tailored can suit the needs of your establishment. Your clients can choose what they like. This means that you cut back on serving staff.

Express Delivery System

This System delivers food orders directly to customers tables, no need for servers to bring you your food. The Express delivery cars automatically dock and charge when not delivering food to tables. Safety; the delivery cars stop automatically if an object comes within the track area.

Sushi Makers

Spreading rice sheets and rolling sushi by hand is time-consuming and unhygienic. The sushi maker solve these problems for you. It simple to use and can make higher quality sushi, faster and more consistently.

Aluminium Conveyor

MODU System provides seven diverse plastic chain conveyor systems out of which four systems are aluminium based. All conveyor systems can be effortlessly assembled with standard tools.

Dining Ware

We produces superior dining ware made of melamine which is odourless and non-toxic. Every product produced is glazed to make it durable to withstand roughest handling possible.

Pharmacy Conveyor

Conveying prescription from preparation area to dispensing. Reducing the pharmacist movement and waiting time for patient. Ideal for all pharmacies layout as the system can be customize.

Hot Water System

Continuously flow of hot water system that will never run out, providing a constant outlet temperature at all time. The outlet is equipped on each table for customers to freshly steeped tea any time.

Magnetic Conveyor

The sleek design of the MODU Magnetic Conveyor provides for a trendy and forward looking dining concept, which also serves to capture the attention of target customers – getting them to take a second look at your conveyor and restaurant!


Multi Direction Express Delivery System

  • Sensors
  • Running Chain
  • Complex wiring
  • Length Limitation

Blending Into Your Restaurant With Style

We work closely with our client to assure our conveyor not only blends but enhances decor while creating an efficient memorable dining experience. Since our beginning as a Kaiten crescent conveyor manufacturer, we have greatly expanded our expertise to become a global provider of conveyor systems and related products for Kaiten Sushi Restaurants.
 Sushi Conveyor
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